JAN/FEB 2021 – Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

JAN/FEB 2021

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North Dakota has long winters with extreme temperatures and weather, often adversely affecting the mental and emotional health of Airmen. The 319th Reconnaissance Wing wants to improve conditions for Airmen living in base dorms by creating an environment that encourages engagement, curiosity, creativity, and inclusion. Working group members partnered with the University of North Dakota Center of Innovation and reached out to CyberWorx to learn how to tailor changes towards Airmen living in the dorms for the greatest impact.

Problem Statement:

How might we effectively design and use dorm spaces in a way that promotes interaction, engagement, and connection?


CyberWorx and the University of North Dakota Center for Innovation jointly facilitated an educational design sprint 26 January to 16 February for members of the 319th Reconnaissance Wing, Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota. Participants learned about the theory and methods of human centered design through exploring how to improve dorm living at Grand Forks AFB in a way that encourages engagement, curiosity, creativity, and inclusion among the Airmen.

Next Steps

Educating a diverse group of 319 RW members lays a foundation for growing a culture of improvement and design based on the actual needs of those being affected. While the event touched on ideas to improve the connectedness and quality of life for Airmen in the dorms, many of the suggested concepts need further research and refinement.

The participants and facilitation teams are attending multiple follow-up sessions through March to assist with building pitches for leadership and refining concepts through testing and implementation.