FALL 2020 – Weather AI Explainability

Weather AI Explainability
Design Consultation

FALL 2020

Project graphic with flying aircraft and translucent top map background, project name, and CyberWorx logo


The Air Force Artificial Intelligence Accelerator began in 2019 to leverage the combined expertise and resources of MIT and the Air Force to facilitate rapid prototyping, scaling, and ethical application of AI algorithms and systems to advance state-of-the-art technology in the defense and civilian sectors. The Weather AI project seeks to include explainable AI in future weather forecasting models with an emphasis on overseas locations with limited resources and coverage to develop high-fidelity products.


The CyberWorx Team is assisting the AI Accelerator with user research surveys and interviews to better inform the development of NextGen forecasting tools.

Next Steps

The longer-term efforts for the Weather AI project is to move from research, to applied research, to full capability delivery in line with the AI Accelerator’s mission of accelerating the development and use of operational AI.