APRIL 2021 – USSF Enlisted Career Development

U.S. Space Force Enlisted Career Development

06-08 APRIL 2021


The Space Force is examining its enlisted talent development framework to determine how to identify and train the best Guardians who contribute at work and at home. Leadership wants to move away from the cookie-cutter training structure inherited from the Air Force that features a one-size-fits-all approach for the masses and relies on on-the-job training to supplement the learning. The fledgling Space Force has the opportunity to create a new talent development framework that supports the unique mission and nature of space.

Problem Statement:

What makes a fully qualified enlisted Guardian who can meet the challenges of the future?


CyberWorx hosted a talent development workshop for Space Force enlisted leadership 6-8 April 2021. The group of 12 government and 2 industry representatives focused on how to ensure Guardians quickly achieve proficiency and receive the support and training they need during their first enlistment. By the end of the event, the group had a vision for the immediate, mid-term, and distant horizons, presenting a direction for the Space Force to work towards a unique, Guardian-centered development structure.

Next Steps

The team focused on a plan for early-term, mid-range, and later-stage career training and development to support Guardian development at each career stage. While technical capability and military skills will be core necessities, the ideal future also incorporates soft skills such as continuous learning and leadership and emphasizes individual Guardian emotional well-being through the STAR (Space Team for Airmen Resilience) initiative.

Key members from the Space Force will pursue priority tasks and further refine future solutions to develop Guardians who feel fully supported from their oath of enlistment through their entire first term to create a proficient, effective future Space Force.