MARCH 2021 – USSF Cyber Officer Development

U.S. Space Force Cyber Officer Development

02-04 MARCH 2021

Project graphic with vector art of a spaceship, a space view of the Earth, the project name, and the CyberWorx logo.


Since the inception of the Space Force, leadership has been defining the role Guardians play within the joint arena as credible experts. Part of this effort is determining what competencies cyber officers need to fulfill the requirements and be the best at what they do. To best meet the needs of the future Space Force, cyber officers need to be developed carefully and deliberately to not only compete with commercial specialists, but develop the Space Force itself into an effective force of warfighters supporting the multi-domain fight.

Problem Statement:

How ought we most effectively develop USSF Cyber Officers for mission readiness and future leadership?


CyberWorx hosted a design sprint 2-4 March 2021 with 10 participants. The event took information gathered during discovery and research to rapidly gather and refine ideas for the future development plan for cyber officers. By the end, the group had a clearer picture of the technical competencies upper-level positions would need to continue building the Space Force cyber capabilities of the future.

Next Steps

Working groups are continuing to gather information for a more comprehensive picture of the goals and development needs of the Space Force and its cyber officers. CyberWorx has agreed to host planned follow-up design sprints with stakeholders and participants to continue refining ideas and plans for the future of the Space Force cyber officers.