Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Projects

Supply Chain Planning and Logistics Modeling Tool Experiment

AF CyberWorx is running a short-term experiment to help Air Force Special Operations Command find vendors who have capability to address the following problem statement:

The Air Force needs logistics modeling tools capable of assessing adaptive data models in iterative simulations and evaluations.  Logistics professionals need models that more accurately reflect realistic scenarios to evaluate planning assumptions and improve the learning outcomes of exercises.  These tools must provide the ability to rigorously assess critical factors in the establishment, operation, and sustainment of small, mobile organizations in complex, dynamic, geographically dispersed environments over the course of short-, mid-, and long-term operations.  They must also integrate with existing data sources (systems of record), incorporate real-time logistics considerations, and provide a simulation framework that models Operational Risk Management, attrition, risk-to-force, and probabilities of success in order to highlight unverified logistics assumptions and raise awareness of assumed risks.

Looking for the following technologies to help users better execute with data driven decision making:

  • Supply Chain Modeling and Simulation Software
  • Mission Planning/Logistics Software
  • Decision Support Tools
  • Visualization Tools

AFSOC and Air Force CyberWorx are collaborating on a 90-120 day effort to evaluate modeling and simulation software through short-term software license agreements. The intent, without a guarantee, is to partner with candidate companies to submit for a Direct to Phase II SBIR with an emphasis on transition to use.  We are seeking industry and academic partners involved in:

  • Complex logistics operations in large, dispersed geographies
  • Adaptive modeling approaches to quickly test, redesign and run logistics assumptions
  • Models to assess logistics assumptions as it applies to mobile, small cell operations
  • Delivery Method Modernization

Application deadline: February 10, 2023.

Project Cobalt Design Sprint

Sponsored by NORAD and USNORTHCOM to tackle the problem of data fusion across domains. Experts in industry will work alongside members of the U.S. Military and Government to give the project both experienced and fresh perspectives to answer the following question:

How might we integrate cyber intelligence data into the cyberspace operations ecosystem to improve cyberspace operations and intelligence analysis for the NORAD and USNORTHCOM (and all of DoD) missions?

Missile Warning Design Sprint

We are hosting a design sprint in support of NORAD/NORTHCOM and the Pathfinder Program office as they examine the missile warning system. Next Gen Architecture in the air domain has a lot to offer the Air Force by way of increased collaboration and data, decreased complexity, and removing redundant efforts. This effort continues the Air Force’s dedication to constantly improve its capabilities in a rapidly evolving global environment.

How might we improve and fuse data for the N/NC missile warning system to integrate with Next Gen Architecture?