The Team


Col (s) Robert "Bert" Giovannetti

Lt Col Sunil Amin
Deputy Director

Vel Preston
Chief of Innovation & Design

“Who needs a way to do what because why” is Vel’s secret sauce for tackling any problem. An extreme extravert, our Silicon Valley transplant relishes every opportunity to extract productive creativity from literally everyone using a strategic combination of logic and empathy. If Vel had her way, all work would be outside and involve at least one moderately embarrassing quest. And also pets.

Jojo Balmaceda
Special Security Representative

Jojo managed a myriad of Department of Defense security programs. He spent two decades as AF Security Forces, which took him to places in Africa, Arctic, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Greg Bennett
Partner Relations Manager

Greg develops engagement strategy for mapping private sector and Academic partner technology into appropriate acquisition instruments for transition from concept and early stage prototypes to the Air Force end user. He develops repeatable business practices for technology transition.

Kimberly Cavallaro
Budget Analyst/Resource Advisor

Kimberly enjoys the challenges that come with working in budget. Her budget background comes from working 6 years at NASA on two amazing projects and then jumping into the DOD world in 2018. She loves that every day brings new challenges and new learning experiences and hopes to apply them to the mission. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and being outdoors soaking up the sun!

Capt Nathan Johnsen
Training & Education Development Lead

Nathan’s Air Force career started as an Enlisted Cyber Systems Operations Airman in 2009. Seven years later he joined the dark side and now has the pleasure of serving and leading Airmen as a Cyber Operations Officer. Passionate about people, he desires to inspire and fosters the human network on and off duty with seeking out educational opportunities, hosting a meal as a home chef, and exploring the great outdoors.

MSgt Andres Rivas
Cyber Surety Lead

Andres has 10 years of experience in the cyber policy and communications security fields.  His most challenging role has been enforcing communications security across the entire South Korean peninsula.  Andres likes to run and lift heavy things.

TSgt Daniel Hulter
UX Designer and Facilitator

Daniel is a writer on the subject of culture and innovation and founder of Agitare, a community of practice for facilitators of discovery and design frameworks (such as design thinking, HCD, and more) across the DoD. His primary passion is promoting principles of facilitation, continuous discovery, and facilitated design practices to help DoD offices and organizations grow better culture, innovate, and navigate complexity.

TSgt Austin Wiggins
UX Designer and Facilitator

Austin is a User Experience (UX) Designer with experience with both in-person and virtual facilitation who is driven by a desire to deeply understand and advocate for those who are most impacted by problems. In addition to UX and facilitation experience, Austin has a passion for writing and narrative which informs their approach to UX Design and facilitation. Additionally, Austin is the founder of the organization The Meadow Garden which is a community of writers for all of people in or adjacent to the military community.

SSgt Dylan Humphries
Lead CPI Coordinator

Dylan has over 5 years of experience as a Knowledge Management Craftsman and CPI.  He specializes in the automation of systems to give time back to the user and increase system efficiency.  He was the second ever Innovation Cell Intern at Infinity Spark Innovation Lab at JBMDL in 2020.  Additionally, as a semi-finalist of the 2020 Phoenix Spark Tank Innovation Competition, Dylan was coined by Commander of the U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command (AMC)

Jeff Biller
Associate Professor and Researcher

Following an Air Force career spent largely in the cyber and intelligence missions, Jeff now teaches cadets at the Air Force Academy in the law and policy of emerging technologies. Additionally, he supports Cyberworx projects as the law and policy subject matter expert. A rather slow amateur triathlete, in his off-time Jeff can be found running and cycling in the mountains around Colorado Springs.

Trung Pham
Assistant Professor and Researcher

Following a NASA career spent largely in research & software development, Trung now teaches cadets at the Air Force Academy in engineering research & software development. Additionally, he supports Cyberworx in subjects related to his expertise. As an amateur wine connoisseur, Trung can be found exploring and tasting wine made in Colorado while reviewing the bottling design so that he can help implement smart chips for product authentication.

Sarah Vollbracht
USAFA 10 CONS Contracting Officer

Operations and Support

Larry Marine
UX Analyst

One of the lucky few to actually study under Dr. Don Norman, the creator of User Experience, Larry brings a deep understanding of UX to the CyberWorx team. As a UX Researcher, Larry focuses on more accurately redefining the problem statement to arrive at truly innovative solutions. He is well-known for stating that if you don’t know what problem you need to solve, the best you can hope to do is solve the wrong problem, very well.

Melissa San Juan
UX Designer

Melissa has a passion for solving problems through ideation and research. With a sharp eye for detail, she believes in good design powered by human behavior. You can also find her asking complex questions such as where’s the best food spot, or hike to explore in Colorado.

Jennifer McCord
UX Designer

Jennifer’s “Why” is to have a positive influence on everyone she encounters. Her UX background comes from working with software development teams as a Product Manager and helping to design robust, user-friendly classified applications. Jennifer holds certifications in both Nielsen/Norman Group (NN/g) and Human Factor International UX. Additionally, she serves as a Naval Reserve Officer and is part of the Space Cadre. As an Army spouse, Jennifer enjoys spending time with husband and son, dancing Salsa, and volunteering as a Spanish Translator/Interpreter.

Curtis Blair
UX Designer

Curtis’ career was sparked by earning a project management certificate that kindled a passion for systematic processes and direct communication. The desire for concise writing led to enrolling at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs to study user experience (UX) design, focusing on making technology more enjoyable and engaging. Curtis believes that UX design is meaningful; it provides methods to understand the challenges people face and how they react to accomplish their tasks, which leads to improving technology for their benefit.

Julie Perkins
CCTI Program Manager

After nearly two decades in the for profit and employment recruiting field, Julie found her way to the non-profit world to continue supporting the mission from a different front.  She is passionate about her role as it allows her to work with Air Force, industry, and academia to reimagine how technology can enrich and protect our nation and those that protect us.

Kirsten Staples
CCTI Marketing Specialist

Lillie Bales
CCTI Events and Special Projects Coordinator

Lillie is passionate about creating atmosphere and events that foster innovative and forward thinking as well as relationship building. With a background in nonprofit event coordinating and fundraising, she is excited to provide expertise and enthusiasm to grow and refine the program. Lillie spends her free time hiking, dining, and exploring Colorado with her husband and two dogs.