The Other Airmen

The Other Airmen: Low/No Code

November 2020 – March 2021


AF CyberWorx hosted a virtual tech discovery event, bringing citizen developers from across the Air Force to meet with tech company representatives and existing government programs to learn about what they could accomplish with low/no code applications. Seven companies and two government programs presented capabilities that are currently available to Airmen.

A key concern was how accessible the capability is to everyday Airmen. Citizen developers are the Airmen at the edge who see the need for a new tool or capability, but don’t have the time, knowledge, or access to advanced tools to implement their vision.

Problem Statement:

We need to raise knowledge and advocacy for citizen developers across the Air Force to create applications with little to no training to place innovation on the edge.

Next Steps

CyberWorx is supporting the citizen developers as they develop their use case solutions into working prototypes. The results will be presented to 16 AF Commander Lieutenant General Timothy Haugh in March 2021 as a proof of concept of enterprise Low/No Code usability enterprise-wide.

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2021 Update

The Other Airmen experiment concluded 11 March when six Citizen Developer teams presented their MVPs to 16th Air Force Commander, Lieutenant General Timothy Haugh at the virtual Rocky Mountain Cyber Symposium.

The six applications spanned uses including a centralized, authoritative personnel database other applications could securely access, trackers for every day unit-level needs, a robust assistant for preparing a group for temporary duty or deployment, and an application to act as a three-way “handshake” connecting industry with government users and acquisitions. Each application was created by members volunteering their own time to fill a need in their work place.  A few of the applications have potential enterprise-wide relevance.

CyberWorx continues to advocate for Low-code/No-Code capability, seeking funding, system authorities, and sustainment to implement the applications developed during the experiment.

To watch the Citizen Developers showcase their Low/No Code Applications at the 2021 Rocky Mountain Cyber Symposium, skip to time 24:51 in the video.