SUMMER/FALL 2020 – T-38 Kubernetes

T-38 Kubernetes
Design Consultation


Picture of the T-38 Talon and the project name


The AF CyberWorx team is supporting SkiCAMP and EDDGE as they work on a Kubernetes-based software platform on a T-38. Our team is improving the user interface and user experience of the platform to improve practical use for the warfighter. The Kubernetes project will open the door to live updates to aircraft mission systems to respond to changing requirements and priorities during a sortie.

With a successful T-38 proof of concept this fall, the Kubernetes capability will make faster, more efficient tech upgrades possible as aircraft can land with better software than they took off with.


CyberWorx assisted SkiCAMP and EDDGE with improving the Kubernetes user interface, preparing press releases, and sharing the story.


The SkiCAMP team ground-tested the T-38 Kubernetes capability with the 586th Flight Test Squadron at Holloman AFB, New Mexico the week of 18 September. Per a news article from the 586 FLTS, “A portion of an operational flight program (OFP) software was installed within the containers to demonstrate that Kubernetes could run on the OFP aircraft.”1 This provided a safe, secure environment for testing.


Logos for SkiCAMP, CyberWorx, and EDDGE representing their joint effort on the project