Pi From the Sky – Discovery Event

Pi From The Sky

23 JAN – 25 JAN, 2020

Design Problem

AF CyberWorx collaborated with an Air University Blue Horizons group in a two-day discovery event 22-23 January 2019. Seven government personnel examined how a Raspberry Pi could be employed to augment cyber battlefield capabilities. Four cadets and three instructors from the Air Force Academy provided career-field specific subject matter expertise to inform the effort.

“Define human, organizational, legal, and technical requirements for two to five cyber effects to be deployed with the Raspberry Pi to disrupt, deny, and degrade adversary capabilities.”


By the end of the event, the team expanded the list of potential payloads to evaluate. The Blue Horizons team also left with more scenarios and questions to explore in future experiments.  The ultimate goal for the Blue Horizons Pi team was to provide on-demand cyber access and effects for improved battlefield command and control.