MARCH 2021 – NORAD & USNORTHCOM Innovation and Culture

NORAD & USNORTHCOM Innovation and Culture

30-31 MARCH 2021


NORAD and USNORTHCOM (N-NC) are examining the culture and the role innovation plays as they continue to update and modernize many of their systems. Design teams have developed a road map to modernize the architecture and update legacy systems to improve usability and system integration. Leaders see the need for systems to be more user-centric to better serve the N-NC operators and support staff. N-NC is evaluating how to best continue to meet strategic objectives. To do this, they’re exploring how to align their culture to embrace open mindsets, influence positive behaviors, and inspire continuous innovation.

Problem Statement:

How might the N-NC command align the culture to better adopt and utilize innovation and digital transformation?


CyberWorx hosted 13 government and 3 industry participants 30-31 March 2021. The team used information obtained from discovery interviews with stakeholders and users to explore how to increase the digital literacy of N-NC and create a culture that embraces an innovative mindset.

Next Steps

The participants developed a common definition of Digital Literacy and concrete steps to move the command towards a culture of innovation, identified a list of causal factors and hurdles hindering progress, and developed potential solutions to improve digital literacy and begin to change the culture. The working group is taking that information and spreading the efforts between multiple cross-functional teams to refine ideas and implement the ideas generated during the sprint. Stakeholders will continue working with CyberWorx to develop, test and implement solutions.