SUMMER 2020 – Kinderspot

Design Consultation


Project graphic with a primary color picture background, project name, and CyberWorx logo


Military members are frequently sent on extended deployments and temporary duty assignments. Family members sometimes decide to leave their duty station to be near family and other sources of support while the military member is gone. Meanwhile, their spot at the Child Development Center (CDC) is left held but unfilled. Each CDC has a limited number of childcare slots. Another family could benefit by temporarily using the slot while the assigned family is out of town, but no formal process exists for temporary reassignment of childcare slots.

The Kinderspot platform will offer families enrolled in CDCs the ability to sublease their child’s spot to other eligible families with short-term childcare needs. The idea won the Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center’s Innovation Rodeo in February 2020, and CyberWorx was contacted to assist with the project.


The CyberWorx team assisted with collecting information through user surveys and interviews. They worked on a user interface (UI) design in collaboration with Oddball, the developer awarded a SIBR contract to develop the application.

Next Steps

Oddball continues to work on development of the application while CyberWorx conducts user testing and refines the UI.