SUMMER 2020 – F-35 Link-16

F-35 Link-16
Design Consultation


Project graphic with a blue digital background, project name, and CyberWorx logo


The Link-16 data link management system is a legacy system allowing the F-35 Lightning II to connect discretely to older aircraft. SkiCAMP is updating the mission planning software for the F-35, and the CyberWorx team is modernizing the user interface (UI) for the Link-16 data link editor.


Through June and July 2020, the CyberWorx team worked with developers from SkiCAMP and SpaceCamp to design a better user interface for the mission planner, increasing planning efficiency and overall usability. The developers worked to ensure the result would be compatible with the Next-Generation Open Mission System (NOMS) so other mission planners could use it.


We successfully transitioned design suggestions and notes to SkiCAMP for further development in October 2020. The team’s exceptional work led to an additional request to collaborate with SkiCAMP to update the UI on the F-35 Multifunction Advanced Data Link.

Problem Statement:

How might we design the Link-16 editor for F-35 mission planning so that 1) planning choices best support mission objectives and the capabilities of the F-35, and 2) the editor is compatible with NOMS?