SEP 2020 – Expeditionary Cyber Officer (ECO)

Expeditionary Cyber Officers Talent Development
Design Sprint

15-17 SEPTEMBER 2020


AF CyberWorx hosted fifteen government participants in our first hybrid discovery event. Twelve attended the event in person at our design studio while three attended virtually. They focused on capturing the ideal traits, training, education, and experiences Expeditionary Communications and Cyber Officers (ECO) should have at various stages of their career.

Proposed Solutions:

By the end of the event, team members created a draft chart listing the functional areas of experience, formal education and training, and special experience ideal candidates should have for leadership positions within the ECO field. They broke those categories down between entry-level lieutenants, mid-level majors, and upper level lieutenant colonels and colonels to show a clear progression throughout an ECO’s career.

Next Steps:

Headquarters Air Force A2/6 will take the information captured during this event and consider additional concerns, questions, and ideas participants listed as items of interest outside the scope of this event to begin building a guided plan for the 17S- and 17D- career paths. The longer view is to take lessons learned from this experience and expand development plans to include other cyber career paths.

Problem Statement:

How might we define the Expeditionary Comm/Cyber Officer (ECO) career pathway to ensure development of the most effective future leaders?