FALL 2019/SPRING 2020 – Digital University

Digital University
Design Consultation

FALL 2019/SPRING 2020

Project graphic including project logo, project name, and CyberWorx logo


Headquarters Air Force and the Office of the Secretary of the Air Force began planning the Digital University program in late 2019 to increase the digital literacy of the Air Force and Space Force. Over 12,000 courses can be accessed on platforms such as Pluralsight, Udacity, and Udemy through the Digital University portal covering subjects such as leadership, public speaking, conflict management, coding, languages, resiliency, and more.


CyberWorx assisted the SAF/CN Chief Transformation and Chief Experience Officers in designing and building a roadmap for Digital University. CyberWorx also participated in a design and discovery event in Boston, Massachusetts, in December 2019. The design team worked on the user interface of the new website using information generated during the event and worked with developers on user testing and beta applications.


CyberWorx fully transitioned the project to PEO BES/BESPIN for further development. The program was released for wide-spread registration and use in November 2020.