FALL 2020 – Cyber Wingman

Cyber Wingman
Design Consultation

FALL 2020

Project graphic with digital Airman silhouette, project name, and CyberWorx logo


The Air Force Artificial Intelligence Accelerator began in 2019 to leverage the combined expertise and resources of MIT and the Air Force to facilitate rapid prototyping, scaling, and ethical application of AI algorithms and systems to advance state-of-the-art technology in the defense and civilian sectors. The Cyber Wingman project is focused on enabling an AI-based mission commander digital assistant that can compile and process large amounts of information into actionable information, including similar past events and recommended courses of action.


The CyberWorx team is assisting the AI Accelerator with identifying user needs through AF units and refining use cases for the next stage of research.

Next Steps

CyberWorx will continue working with AI Accelerator with research, use cases, and networking support.