CRE – Semester Project

Cyber Risk Ecosystem Semester Design Project

FALL 2016

Design Problem

The goal was to develop a concept to convey risk in a manner that is intuitive while providing the information to support rapid mission assurance decisions at the basic, operational, and strategic levels of war.

How might cyber risk to Air Force mission sets be conveyed to support commander decisions and enabling multi-domain mission success?


This project brought together a design team of 25 participants from industry expertise to cadets and active duty operators, with a variety of expertise including cyber security professionals, economists, systems engineers, business managers, operations research analysts, and software developers.

When considering how to overcome these issues, the design team identified four key themes that were addressed:

  • Mission Dependencies
  • Communication
  • Education
  • Crowdsourcing

This ecosystem provides support aids to overcome communication and language differences to maximize the speed with which a user can consume risk information to make informed decisions

Proposed Solutions:

Cyber Risk Ecosystem:
Dependency Mapping: Functional Mission Analysis (FMA) is a disciplined way to tease out these linkages and integrate that metadata into our reporting systems and decisions.

Communication and Education: Provides quick communications methods, information pushes, tailored delivery of information, and basic education.

Crowd Sourcing: Crowd-sourced data facilitates mission assurance by identifying issues quickly, providing guidance toward systems fixes to restore systems, and providing guidance on alternative solutions to keep missions resilient.