2018/2020 – CWS Inform

CWS Inform
Design Sprint


CWS Inform graphic with its predecessor’s logo, the Automated Readiness Forecasting.


In 2018, AF CyberWorx facilitated a discovery sprint to assess the ability of the current GTIMS readiness management system to meet the needs of users. The team focused on finding user pain points, who the users actually were, and how they used GTIMS. Designers solicited feedback on what users would need in an ideal system.


Our designers found some key factors during their interviews:

      • Readiness is a critical factor for squadron commanders.
      • The rely on the readiness information they receive to be current and accurate.
      • Current systems do not collate information, making readiness assessment difficult because information needs to be verified through more reliable sources.


The CyberWorx team partnered with CyberWinter Studios to design and develop a minimum viable product (MVP) that consolidates relevant data into a single intuitive format. The MVP is currently undergoing user testing while CyberWorx advocates for the deployment of this capability enterprise-wide.

All images pictured below are of the project in-work and do not reflect the finished product.

Problem Statement:

How might we build a system that ingests, normalizes, and consolidates personnel data and presents a Commander with the unit’s readiness status in an easy to use and intuitive interface.