JAN 2020 – Business Intelligence (BizInt)

Business Intelligence Design Sprint

7-9 JANUARY 2020


Design Problem

How might we give commanders responsive logistics options using all sourcing solutions?

This project seeks to develop solutions that give “sight of picture” of local business intelligence in order to reduce the amount of strategic lift necessary to conduct operations. Ideally, the answer should show military personnel in areas all over the world where common supplies and services are located and will allow personnel to contact suppliers.


AF CyberWorx hosted a three-day design sprint for stakeholders from Air University’s Blue Horizons program. Thirteen government representatives and two industry partners focused on designing an application for future development to improve contracting logistics after recognizing that all layers of the system – planning, SCO, and CCO – need improved two-way communication.

Proposed Solutions:

The project team ended the design sprint with low-fidelity prototypes to build into the envisioned task-oriented application. These prototypes, which will undergo user feedback and iterations, seek to address the following challenges identified by participants:

  • Institutional Knowledge
  • Data
  • Changing Rules
  • Vendor Capacity
  • Non-Organic Supply Chain
  • Peer Access and Trust