MAY 2020 – Airspace Defense Assessor

Airspace Defense Assessor
Design Sprint

MAY 2020


AF CyberWorx facilitated a three-session virtual sprint 5, 7, and 12 May 2020. Eight government and industry experts focused on improving the timely and accurate characterization of tracks of interest for assessor decision making. The event was part of ongoing efforts to upgrade the timeliness, accuracy, and appropriateness of Air Force threat response by integrating existing data sources and optimizing data analysis.

The team determined that improving the user interface of the application  in its current state would not have a significantly positive impact on the amount of time needed for assessors to receive actionable information to make and route a decision to engagement authorities. AF CyberWorx recommended a follow-on event to examine the process itself and then design the user interface to support an improved process to respond to an event.

Problem Statement:

“How might we re-imagine what the assessor support application and processes look like and function?”