APR 2020 – Archer

ARCHER Virtual Design Sprint
16 and 29 April 2020

ARCHER is the first project in the Empowering Software-Enabled Innovators collaboration focused on pairing innovative Airmen with experienced designers and software developers to create higher quality in-house products that are usable and sustainable.

Design Problem

“How might we create a piece of software that allows a user to create deliberate, specific artificial datasets to facilitate analytic training?”


AF CyberWorx collaborated with Extreme Digital Development Group Enterprise (EDDGE) from Hill AFB in its first virtual design sprint between 16 and 29 April 2020. Eight government and industry experts focused on optimizing the design of a tool for developing and analyzing cyber exercise scenarios. The team developed low-fidelity prototypes for AF CyberWorx UX designers to refine and conduct user test before transitioning to EDDGE for development.