JULY 2017 – AF Cyber Outreach


JULY 18-20, 2017

Design Problem

This may involve strengthening existing STEM outreach programs, modifying existing, or creating new programs, partnering differently, etc.

“Great people. Great process. I feel like we came up with valuable, real-world solutions that can quickly be put into place in our schools. Ultimately, this will benefit our schools and our students.”

“How might USAFA & PPCC increase middle & high school student participation in classes & clubs aligned with pursuing a cyber career?”


Participants were asked to bring their expertise and push the envelope to come up with exciting and innovative ideas for PPCC and USAFA to implement in order to increase interest in cyber career fields.

Over the 3-day sprint, the 21 participants discussed, assessed, brainstormed, and refined ideas while divided into four teams composed of diverse backgrounds. Each of the four teams was then asked to develop themes based on the barriers and motivations that exist as well as possible ways to overcome both.

Teams created short skits that creatively conveyed their group’s ideas and presented them as their final outbrief to an engaged audience that included Lt Gen Johnson of USAFA and Lance Bolton, President of PPCC.

Proposed Solutions:

Team CyberWorx – CASH (Cyber Acquisitions Supplemental Help) grant writing to leverage national resources

Team Cyberdyne – CyberCats, an elementary school cyber club focused on girls and social interaction

Team Innovative Ink Slingers – SCS (Student Cyber Societies)

Team Rogue One – Cyber Camp Adventure Hero, VR Camp for students