2020 AFA – Mini Design Sessions

2020 - AFA Virtual Mini- Design Session Registration

We will demonstrate our key 3 phases of the task-oriented design approach in 3 interactive sessions. Each session will be presented as a stand-alone event so that you can learn something specific without having to attend all 3 events but are also connected as a series that follows one problem through all 3 sessions.

The sessions are:

Defining the Problem and Persona
Define the problem from the human’s perspective as well as the desired outcome. Define the characteristics of the different user roles within the problem domain.

Analyzing the Task or Journey
Identify what steps the users need to take to solve their problem. Identify the knowledge gap that the design must bridge (knowledge design).

Identifying the Right Solution
Follow the task flows to create designs that require no training or instruction and solve problems for each user persona

Each sprint allows for some of the attendees to actively participate as they would in an actual design sprint. The rest can only observe. We apologize, but there’s a limit to what we can do virtually in these short sessions.

Participation is limited to the first 30 registrants!  Active participation requires using Zoom and Miro Boards.

If you are only interested in observing the design-session, please indicate in the form below.