About Us

Air Force CyberWorx is a dynamic group that works with military stakeholders, industry specialists, and academia to improve and protect our nation, businesses, and lives. We look for prototypes, solutions, and knowledge that are valuable for both military and industry use. Team members address real problems in a goal-focused area using human-centered design to find the best solutions using current and future technology. The needs of the user are at the heart of each design through the entire project from problem discovery through design and prototyping to full implementation. AF CyberWorx uses innovative problem solving and design to create cultural change for optimum operational advantage.

Human-Centered Design

Human-centered design is an innovation-based problem-solving method embraced by industry leaders such as Apple and Google yet often overlooked in the government sector. No matter the mission or problem, success is dependent on the individual end user. The AF CyberWorx multi-disciplinary approach focuses on the experience and needs of the end user to optimize both the problem set and the end solutions. To best achieve that focus, groups use tools and practices that break down the natural barriers found in organizations which impede the creativity, collaboration, and knowledge sharing vital to innovation.

Military stakeholders, industry and academic experts, as well as Air Force Academy cadets come together in facilitated design thinking sessions to seek the right problems to address. This diversity leads to a wide range of perspectives working towards unique, intuitive solutions in a non-threatening environment. As a result, stakeholders get the opportunity to hear developed solutions to their difficult problems by Airmen and experts from industry and academia.

AF CyberWorx considers human-centered design in more than just problem discovery and solution development.

Lines of Effort

#1 | Problem Solving Using Human-Centered Design and Developing Minimum Viable Products

• Delivering effective, cutting-edge solutions while putting the users needs at the forefront.

• Developing MVPs to make sure users get what they want.

#2 | Technology Forecasting and Exploration

• We look 2 to 3 ridgelines out beyond to discover emerging technology that will help solve our user’s problems.

• We will experiment with emerging technology early to ensure the AF is ready to integrate the capability when viable.

 #3 | Human-Centered Design Education and Training

• We educate and train Airmen and Cadets to apply Human-Centered Design methodologies and User Experience techniques focus to solve real-world operational challenges.

• We mentor Cadets with their capstone projects, ensuring they correctly identify the problem and help them develop solutions focused on User Experience.