June 2020 – 616 Convergence

616 Convergence
Virtual Design Sprint

JUNE 2020


Problem Statements:

“How might units across the 16 AF be better educated on IW and how their capabilities contribute?"

“How might the 616 OC and 16 AF optimally convey commanders’ Vision and Intent?”

“How might the 616 OC and units better communicate around mission sets and information needs?"

AF CyberWorx hosted a three-session virtual sprint with 28 government participants to determine how the 616th Operations Center (OC) could improve situational awareness and understanding of newly converged  Information Warfare (IW) capabilities and present the most effective decision making information for the 16th AF CC.

This event involved government participants from subordinate units within the 16 AF.  A second event planned for a future date will include industry subject matter experts and participants from other organizations who
interact with the 616 OC.

By the end of the event, participants created several concepts in-line with the above-mentioned themes to explore feasibility, impact, and effectiveness. The concepts help to clarify themes for other process owners, users, and stakeholders to consider for optimal convergence and situational awareness for IW across the 16 AF.