JAN/FEB 2021 – 21st Century Drill

21st Century Drill

JAN/FEB 2021

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The part-time nature of an Air National Guard career inherently present challenges for the full-time mission requirements members support. The ANG wants to identify and mitigate as many of these challenges as possible to increase the effectiveness of its members’ training in the limited time they have during drill weekends.


CyberWorx hosted a virtual, asynchronous design sprint with 22 participants from 26 January to 19 February to investigate how to build the Air National Guard drill of the future. Participants investigated the most impactful challenges to see what can be overcome quickly and what might be addressed with modern technology or process improvements within the near future.

Next Steps

Leadership is creating a research team from the 21st Century Drill Accelerator to continue user research by surveying and interviewing Guardsmen. Meanwhile, the team is also sourcing for potential commercial solutions and existing projects inside the DoD to meet their technological needs. Their efforts are going into a consolidated plan proposal with prioritized, user-validated design criteria for the ANG drill of the future. CyberWorx stands by to continue support throughout the process.

Problem Statements:

How might we enable unit leaders to better communicate current member and unit priorities to members in a way that engages, informs, and equips them so they can take necessary actions?

How might we help Guardsmen learn about time-sensitive requirements in a way that enables them to take care of urgent tasks so that leaders can be assured important matters are being handled between weekends?

How might we empower Guardsmen to send info in a way that ensures protection of CUI so they are better able to coordinate and collaborate between drills?

How might we provide leaders with awareness about their units’ readiness level so that they are able to properly prepare for the weekend in an easy and efficient manner?