The Other Airmen: Low/No Code Milestone Two

The Other Airmen: Low/No Code Milestone Two

Citizen Developers participating in The Other Airmen low/no code experiment made excellent progress towards functioning minimum viable products (MVP) in December. While the second in-progress review (IPR) in December had three demos, the third IPR doubled that with six demos. 

The big rocks for the developers in December were clearing up lingering AFNet connection issues, expanding what capabilities they had available to them, and discovering APIs for data connectivity between their new applications and existing databases. The most successful capability demonstrated during the 12 January IPR was the seamless integration of DocuSign into an application for document package routing and signing. Other capabilities the developers are incorporating in their solutions include automatic account creation through CAC card registration and ranking data by confidence level. The breadth of use cases under development demonstrates the promise these platforms may hold for Airmen across the enterprise.

Several Citizen Developers are working on their solutions from home because of connection issues through AFNet. The ability to work on a solution from any location is important. We need to equip Airmen to work at their home station, while TDY, or even on deployment as long as they have an internet connection. We anticipate the barriers of going through AFNet will subside if low/no code is adopted as an enterprise approach for solution development.

As the teams pass the half-way mark of the experiment’s scheduled timespan, they transition from planning into development mode. The more mature solutions are now moving from “get it working” to “how can it be better” with more automation, a stronger user interface, or a broader range of database connectivity. The low/no code platforms and the Citizen Developers are exceeding expectations as they code future capabilities for their units.

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