The Other Airmen Milestone One

The Other Airmen Milestone One

November was a busy month for our Citizen Developers participating in The Other Airmen experiment. It was primarily a month of preparation and learning. Citizen Developers and commercial partners formed relationships, ironed out technical issues, scoped their use cases, and developed work plans.

Database structure, security, and data access were big rocks for most of the developers. From commercial pitch decks for an interactive marketplace to storage of PDFs requiring signatures, developers solicited advice from AF experts to determine how best to store and disseminate sensitive data.

Meanwhile, a few teams played catch-up on platform training after working through access issues. Kudos to the military IT teams and the individual developers that worked through the firewall and permissions challenges quickly at this early stage! The teams can now focus on completing their concept maps including database and relational ties.

The real surprise came from a few teams that hit the ground running. They brought their commercial partner a well-developed concept map and plan, sprinted through training, and leapfrogged the timeline with a minimum viable product (MVP) already in hand.

December promises some exciting progress. The second in-process review (IPR) happened December 8th with three demos: two working prototypes and a solid wireframe. The other teams were poised at the first IPR to move into the building phase of their projects, and they have continued moving forward. The experiment is going extremely well! Stay tuned for future progress updates on this Low Code/No Code experiment as we evaluate this capability for use enterprise-wide!