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AF organizations need help solving big problems in more fields than just cyber. We’ve accelerated our pace and expanded our scope to meet the demand utilizing our seasoned user experience (UX) team and proven research methods. 

Putting the user first creates the best solutions for policy, operational, and organizational challenges enabling emerging warfare constructs and addressing warfighter resiliency. Our methods work for all areas of expertise, designing minimum viable products wherever they’re needed.

We work closely with problem owners and stakeholders to flow smoothly to development. Including partners from the start ensures everyone understands how to achieve successful implementation. Some paths include Other Transaction Authority, Commercial Solutions Offerings, or Small Business Innovation Research submissions. Our partners, including the 309 SXMG, SkiCAMP, EDDGE, and the CDO’s office have helped successfully transition projects to development.

We’re helping our customers with a broad range of projects including:

  • Air Force JADC2 test and exercise platform at Nellis AFB’s Shadow Operations Center
  • Kubernetes UI on a T-38 enabling the AF to land an aircraft with better software than it took off with
  • A common mission planning tool for the F-35 community
  • New approaches to resiliency at USAFA, helping medical and support organizations

We hosted thirteen government and industry specialists in a Business Intelligence (BizInt) design sprint 7-9 January 2020. BizInt was the first project in a working relationship with Air University Blue Horizons and focused on providing commanders with up-to-date logistics and contracting information. General David L. Goldfein, Chief of Staff of the Air Force, reacted positively to the BizInt app during a demonstration held on 14 May. Blue Horizons will demonstrate the tool to A4 and J4 soon for further leadership awareness. The future bright for this new capability.

Project Archer – We teamed up with Extreme Digital Development Group Enterprise iterate on the home-grown ARCHER program for analyst exercise scenario creation and data collection.

Assessor/AEISS – NORAD and NORTHCOM personnel, industry partners, and our team explored how to improve the User-Interface for AEISS to speed appropriate AF threat response.

6 Degrees of Kevin Beacon – Government and industry specialists examined requirements for a new cloud-based mission management tool to allow quicker, more accurate responses to civil search and rescue.

616 OC Convergence – Government participants explored how intelligence warfare could improve situational awareness and understanding to increase effectiveness.

Early Warning Radar Sustainment– Air Force personnel and industry participants came together to discover novel ways to sustain early warning radar capabilities for the next few decades.

CSfC – Government and industry specialists will explore the capabilities of Commercial Solutions for Classified Use in a discovery forum.

Kubernetes – How could the AF land an aircraft with better software than it took off with? AF CyberWorx is improving the UI/UX for a Kubernetes-based software platform on a T-38.

USAFA Strong – We are facilitating a project initiated by cadets and newly commissioned 2Lts focused on improving the mental health system at USAFA.

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