How to Sprint with AF CyberWorx

You’ve been selected to attend one of AF CyberWorx’s Design Sprints. Congratulations! We are so excited to have you participate with us during our workshop; but, you will soon learn that our sprints are a little different than most workshops. Today, before attending the upcoming sprint, we’ll review what a Design Sprint is, what to expect as a participant of a Design Sprint, an example of a sprint schedule, and attendee reminders

What is a Design Sprint?

It’s a workshop event where different-minded people from militaryacademia, and industry backgrounds collaborate while working out possible solutions to a challenge. AF CyberWorx sprints develop human-centered design solutions for the modern warfighter. Design Sprints try to answer the question, “How can we deliver innovative and intuitive operational solutions to our warfighters?”

Throughout a sprint, groups of 4-6 participants partake in candid discussions and structured tactics for solving problems. Trained facilitators will guide teams through the design process and help maximize team effectiveness, ideation, and solution-crafting.

Industry participants are encouraged to challenge the mindset of the Air Force, while government collaborators provide an insight into needs and operational functions to provide a cohesive, feasible, and desirable design solution.

Participation Expectations in a Design Sprint

Design sprint participants come in with open minds. Sprints are all about sharing ideas, from wildest dreams to the most practical details. Sprint events generate a wide range of solutions through attendee collaboration and creatively explore problems and potential solutions from every angle.

What to Bring

Please bring a government-issued ID card to the campus and the event. While AF CyberWorx will provide design materials, you can still bring a laptop, tablet, or other writing materials.

How to Dress

Be sure to dress casually while attending the event. ALL participants will be in civilian attire to facilitate an open learning and design environment. Please be aware that pictures and videos will be taken during the sprint for marketing purposes. Appropriate security measures and approval processes will be followed for use of the images.


A commercial wifi will be available for use during breaks. There will be NO .mil internet or email access.

While attending, you will be very busy. Please plan to do your regular work outside of the hours posted in your sprint agenda. Working on other items will not be conducive to the collaboration atmosphere or project.

Example of a Design Sprint

Attendees can expect both breakfast and lunch to be provided if they fill out the eventbrite application beforehand. Attendees who wish to bring their own meals may store items in a refrigerator on site. A happy hour will take place offsite of the campus at 4:30 on the first day of the sprint (usually Tuesday).

Attendee Reminders

There are a few things to remember before attending a Design Sprint with AF CyberWorx.

  • Pick up your T-Badge with your welcome packet before the sprint.
  • Dress in civilian clothing.
  • Bring any additional materials you might want to use.
  • Return T-Badges to AF CyberWorx staff before leaving on the final day.

We can’t wait to see you at our next sprint! Be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and subscribe to our emails to stay up to date on current projects and future sprints.

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