AF CyberWorx has released the #radAF tag to show its focus on accelerating human-centered solutions which best resolve Air Force problems. When warfighters have problems fulfilling their duty, the Air Force mission is in trouble. To mitigate this, AF CyberWorx puts the warfighter first as the ultimate user of each solution to Air Force problems. RAD reflects how to best meet and exceed the needs of the user:

Resolve – Each problem can be stated in terms of the basic needs of the user. The user needs must be resolved.

Accelerate – Once the right problem is identified, a rapid solution is needed. AF CyberWorx accelerates the process to a rapid solution concept.

Deliver – Developing the concept is only one piece of the puzzle. Potential challenges and necessary policy and procedure changes are identified to outline a path to solution delivery.

Those three actions – Resolve, Accelerate, Deliver – lead to the Air Force having the agility to identify and respond to each problem in a rapidly changing global environment. That agility is a key piece of what makes the Air Force more effective, ready, and lethal.

*The postings on this blog reflect individual team member opinions and do not necessarily reflect official Air Force positions, strategies, or opinions.

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